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Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Safety tips at a party:

1) Drop your child and pick him/her up.
If your child is still a toddler, usually parents are expected to attend the party. However, if your child is of school-going age, you can just drop him off and pick him up later. Be sure you know who the host/hostess is and have their telephone number and that they have your telephone number. This way, if there's an emergency they can immediately call you. Find out what time the party is due to end and ensure you are there punctually to pick up your child.

2) What type of party? Where is the party?
A daytime birthday party with games and activities should be good fun. If the party is going to be near the pool or at some outside venue, be wary of the danger points and risks and find out what precautions the host has taken to ensure all the children are safe.

3) Special needs.
If your child has special dietary needs or is allergic to any food, remember to tell the host. Don't expect your child to speak up or find out the ingredients in all the foods served. If there are certain things your child can't do, you should also tell the host or remind your child to speak up. And, importantly, if your child is prone to fits or is asthmatic, do inform the host. They will appreciate you informing them rather than finding out on their own and not knowing how to respond to it.

4) If you are organising the party.
Be careful when choosing party favours to put in the party packs. You don't want the children swallowing small parts. Watch out for choking hazards and objects with sharp edges.

5) Teenage party.
Remind your child of the ground rules (if you have any) such as behaviour, activities and when you want them home, if they are getting a lift back. Make sure there is adult supervision or a chaperone at the party. If your child is uncomfortable at the party and wants to come home early, they should call you. No matter what trouble your child gets into, he or she should know that you will be there to help them out.

Posting bahasa inggeris pulak... hehehe anyway yang ni mama copy kat sini

banyak lagi tip... boleh ke laman ni untuk baca seterusnya....

saja untuk berkongsi.....

4 ulasan:

Nida berkata...

zaman sekarang ni anak-anak memang kena pantau selalu...

NICK IRFAN berkata...

alamak! b.i plak? tp boleh la phm sikit2.. hehe

Miecyber berkata...

Very useful tips..Thanks a lot..

Hairuman bakal hilang kaki pula

zns berkata...

info yang bagus..walaupun zns takder anak lagi...tapi blh gak peringat untuk masa depan :)

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