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Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Proton Exora Turbo

Proton Exora Prestige Prototype

For those who are planning to buy Proton Exora, my advise is to wait for another 5 to 6 months as by that time Proton should have launch their turbocharged Proton Exora.

One of the reason that why Proton produced turbo charged engine for Exora is nothing secret as they need more powerful engine for Exora. With that size of MPV, 1.6 campro is just not enough. And for Proton to develop new 2.0 litre engine will cost a lot of money and time. Therefore, one of the best option they have is to turbocharge their current Campro engine which will give them a power equivalent to what 2.0 engine can deliver. In this case, I think Proton are looking at 160-180hp from this turbocharged engine.

For record Proton has showcase their Proton Exora Turbo Prestige Prototype in July 2009. The photo below is the prototype model with front mount intercooler.


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